High School Business

The High School Business Program provides students with fundamental skills in business administration, marketing, financial analysis & reporting, and corporate investments. In the fourth course of the program, students have the opportunity to help operate the West Clermont High School school store. They handle inventory, marketing, and management. This program can lead to a variety future career options in business area.

By enrolling in these classes, students have the opportunity to become involved in DECA. DECA is a co-curricular program which focuses on teaching students marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students learn how to respond to real-life situations in role plays which provide a scenario in which they should solve and present. There are multiple categories and events students can compete in, in both individual and team events. Although students may compete at the district, state and international levels, they will also participate in classroom competitions and events which help to enhance learning. DECA prepares students for various types of situations they will see in the real world and expands learning out of the general classroom boundaries. Just because DECA focuses on business does not mean it only prepares students for a career in that field. It provides interview, communication, and speaking skills preparing students for any field they ultimately pursue. For more information, visit deca.org.