Supportive Peers

Supportive Peers- application and approval required by Supportive Peer Teacher. This class is available to juniors and seniors who are interested in working in an inclusive environment with students who have exceptional needs. Students will be required to participate in training prior to beginning of the school year (August 13th) and will participate in self-educational opportunities for grades to learn more about populations dealing with disabilities. Supportive peers will be responsible for monitoring student work in the classroom and assisting the peer in adjusting to being in the mainstream school population. Peers are expected to be positive role models and advocates for the student(s) with whom they are working. This class is offered for credit and those enrolled will not be responsible for any course work in the peer's class, but rather for the curriculum established for the Supportive Peer Program. Grades 11-12 preferred . No Fee Supportive peers can be taken for either 1/2 credit (semester) or for 1 credit (year). Students may only enroll for this class for 2 periods each semester if they have NO study halls. Students cannot exceed a total of 2 periods when taking both writing center and supportive peers.